Charging Solutions

Charging devices developed by Designwerk are distributed all over the world. And for good reason: their unique flexibility and safety as well as the powerful charging performance with up to 88kW make them an ideal accessory for fleet and logistics operations. Futuricum vehicles with the rapid charging function facilitate mobility within a short period of time – any time, any place.

High Compatibility

Our easily transportable rapid charging devices can be used with common industrial sockets and cover all charging standards.

Economical solution

Unlike stationary charging stations, no personnel or financial outlay are required to install our mobile charging solutions.

Custom features

We will customise the scope of delivery for your unit to your specific needs. This means you obtain all the accessories such as cables and transport casters from a single source.

Stationary alternatives

We also offer fixed charging stations in conjunction with our partners for intense distribution or shift operations. Experts will guide you through choosing a provider, the electrical planning stage and right up to the launch and maintenance of the charging point.

The Juice Booster 2 is a compact, safe and mobile charger with 22 kW AC (ICCPD) and compatible with Futuricum.
Juice Booster 2
Mobile DC rapid charger for Futuricum e-truck with 44 kW DC
MDC44 920V
Mobile DC rapid charger for Futuricum e-truck with 44 kW DC
MDC44 450V
Mobile DC rapid charger for Futuricum e-truck with 88 kW DC
MDC88 450V