About Futuricum

Futuricum – an electrifying market for electric commercial vehicles

The Designwerk Procuts AG as the owner of the brand Futuricum was founded in 2017 as a subsidiary of Designwerk Products GmbH. Its founding was a result of a flagship project which is still in progress. This serves to support the construction of an economic and ecological 26 ton e-truck and the respective analytical measurements of its success by Designwerk.

The results of the development achieved due to the support of the Federal Office for Energy, industry and technical university partners and based on existing know-how, are largely incorporated in Designwerk Products AG. This ensures a serial production of the vehicles. In its capacity as a business corporation the company offers comprehensive solutions for logistic companies. The areas covered are electric power related to driving, charging, storage and services.

The brand is at the same time a homage to the original Zurich pioneers in vehicle construction at Turicum. At the same time it is a promise for the future and an acknowledgement of Swiss industrial production. The traditional Winterthur location on the former Sulzer production site is evidence of this.

Futuricum Logo – Elektrische Nutzfahrzeuge

Designwerk Group

The Designwerk Technologies GmbH, founded in 2007, expedites electric-mobility with innovative products. As a result Designwerk GmbH aims at the distribution of sustainable mobility. The company that sees itself as a think tank of electric-mobility combines sound engineering services with industrial design.

In doing so Designwerk is a leader in the field in Switzerland. In the past the founders circumvented the globe in 80 days with a fully electric cabin motorbike called Zerotracer. Other team assistants involved were crew members of the photovoltaic-driven Planet Solar.

The portfolio consisting of more that 100 projects includes a new model of the BMW classic Isetta which led to the Microlino project, an 18 ton electric truck which was the initial E-Force and the co-development of the DXP postal delivery vehicle by Kyburz.

Designwerk supplies also some of the most reputable vehicle manufacturers with rapid chargers from their own production. In its capacity as a system provider it develops highly efficient powertrains and high performance batteries.

The source of success is a highly motivated and diverse team characterized by a true pioneer spirit.