A competitive edge on 6 wheels: The Futuricum 26E masters the daily routine of logistics at top performance regardless whether for urban use or on Swiss passes.

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680 PS


380 km


18,8 t



The 4 motors of the Futuricum 26E provide a total performance of 680 PS. Thanks to the linear torque they also directly put their power on the road in stop and & go traffic. Recuperation of the braking energy allows the drive system to achieve a high efficiency.


The Futuricum 26E produces no local emissions during operation. So it does not pollute the environment with sooty particles, NOx, CO2 and other pollutants. The vehicle batteries can also be reused as stationary storage batteries or recycled.


The high efficiency and eliminating fossil fuels ensure the Futuricum 26E has lower variable operating costs. On Swiss roads, e-trucks further benefit from being exempt from LSVA tolls, tax incentives, benefits and non-cash marketing benefits.


The motors in electric vehicles and superstructures do not need to idle. Unlike combustion engines, they have fewer moving parts, which further move uniformly. Electric vehicles are therefore particularly quiet.


Model Futuricum 26E
Total weight 26 + 1 t (Switzerland)

Empty load

without body, varies by battery size

from ca. 8,2 t


without body, varies by battery size

up to ca. 18,8 t
limited electronically
86 km/h
using large battery with 340 kWh
up to 380 km
Output 500 kW / 680 PS
Gear ratio 1-gear transmission / no shifting or clutch
Type Lithium-Ion (NMC)
System voltage 400 V
Battery Small capacity: 1 x 170 kWh or
2 x 85 kWh = 170 kWh
Charging time*: 7,5 hours
Charging time with CCS Type 2**: 1,3 hours
Range: up to 190 km
Weight: 1’135 kg
Battery Medium capacity: 1 x 170 kWh and
1 x 85 kWh = 255 kWh
Charging time*: 11,5 hours
Charging time with CCS Type 2**: 1,8 hours
Range: up to 285 km
Weight: 1’770 kg
Battery Large capacity: 2 x 170 kWh = 340 kWh
Charging time*: 15 hours
Charging time with CCS Type 2**: 2,2 hours
Range: up to 380 km
Weight: 2’270 kg

*80 % SoC at 22 kW
**80% SoC at 150 kW DC

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