Electric Commercial Vehicles

The question is not why you should upgrade your fleet to electric trucks. The question is: why shouldn’t you?
Frequent downtime, high maintenance costs, rising fuel prices, CO2 taxes and stressed drivers are a thing of the past. Our electric commercial vehicles demonstrate their worth day after day on the roads in recycling, construction, distribution, forestry and agricultural logistics.

With significant energy and cost savings and greatly reduced noise and CO2 emissions, our 18 to 44-tonne trucks let you get ahead of your competitors: quietly, emission-free, economically and ecologically sustainable. Secure an innovative edge and set an example of social responsibility among employees and customers.

We use chassis from the Volvo FM, Volvo FMX and Volvo FH series as well as the low-entry chassis based on the Mercedes Econic from Daimler Trucks AG as the basis for the e-trucks. Your individual electric truck is then created in our Swiss plant. Get on board and experience the mobile future now!

Sustainably efficient

Futuricum vehicles enable rapid acceleration and the recovery of energy released during braking. At the same time, the electric trucks have zero local emissions. This spares the environment, residents and employees from CO2 and noise. The batteries can also be up to 96% recycled.

Performing with certainty

Four electric motors provide the powerful drive for the Futuricum vehicles. Thanks to linear torque, these bring the drive power directly and efficiently onto the road with up to 680 hp. The battery systems we have developed ensure short charging times, reliable energy supply even in the most intensive conditions and ranges of up to 760 kilometres.

Economically worthwile

Thanks to its high efficiency and the elimination of fossil fuels, the e-truck runs with significantly lower variable operating and maintenance costs, thus compensating for the higher purchase price. We work with you to calculate the total lifetime costs and the resulting savings. In addition, you as a company benefit from the boost to your image and – depending on country – from tax advantages or waivers for heavy goods traffic taxes, incentive taxes and tolls.


Electric FM
Electric FH
Electric FMX
Electric Low Entry


Recycling logistics
Construction logistics
Distribution logistics
Semitrailer tractors
Agricultural and forestry logistics

Do you want to drive to sustainable success?

Drive the future now!