Electric Low Entry

Particularly suitable for inner-city use, the electric low-entry vehicle based on the Mercedes Econic is characterised by easy entry and exit via just two steps, ample visibility and a low driver’s seat position. This makes work more ergonomic for the entire crew.


Whatever your needs, our electric trucks can be configured for almost any application in recycling, construction, distribution, forestry and agricultural logistics. So you can customise your chassis, wheelbase, cab and battery capacity according to your individual route profiles, desired operating intervals, ranges and superstructures.

26 t Rigid up to 340 kWh

Battery arrangement
Capacity 1 x 85 kWh + 1 x 170 kWh = 255 kWh
Charging time
(100% SoC at 44kW)
5,4 heures
Charging time with CCS Type 2
(80% SoC at 150 kW DC)
1,2 heures
Range approx. 150 km
Weight batteries 1’770 kg
Battery arrangement
Capacity 2 x 170 kWh = 340 kWh
Charging time
(100% SoC at 44 kW)
7,3 hours
Charging time with CCS Type 2
(80% SoC at 150 kW DC)
1,5 hours
Range approx. 200 km
Weight batteries 2’330 kg

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