Flagship project

Project background


Designwerk Technologies GmbH in cooperation with various industry partners and technical universities is developing a vehicle for the collection of recyclable materials named ‘Futuricum’. The drive and battery system is being further developed and tested for the completely electric 26 t truck. There have been no electric commercial vehicles with hydraulic structures and a gross weight of over 18 t in operation in Switzerland. The Federal Office for Energy supports the development and testing of the vehicle within the parameters of a flagship project.

Advantages of electrification


Considerable savings in energy are expected through the electrification of such vehicles, as conventional combustion engines used for such purposes frequently operated in the partial load area and the energy produced by braking cannot be recovered by means of the stop-and-go drive function. Electric motors have additional relevant benefits, especially when used as waste collection vehicles in the city environment, such as the lower or non-existent level of noise and pollutant emissions. Besides the motor being free of emissions and silent, there is the hope of lower operating costs in comparison to conventional diesel vehicles.

Benefits and findings


During the testing of the truck, valuable technical and economic data on its use in the public sector and its acceptance by the population will be collected.


Partner Logo Designwerk

Designwerk Technologies GmbH

The Winterthur think tank for e-mobility Designwerk is a developer of projects related to electric vehicles and producer og charger devices. The exerience and knowledge of the company enables it to put prototypes quickly and without complication on the road. Latest result is a 26 ton e-truck.

Partner Logo Bundesamt für Energie

Federal Office for Energy (BFE)

The Federal Office for Energy supports the market orientated development of innovative technology and solutions in the area of cleantech with pilot, demonstration and flagship programs. Projects receiving support are those which serve the efficient and rational use of energy or the use of renewable energy.

Partner Logo Volvotrucks

Volvo Trucks (Switzerland)

The Volvo Group is present in 190 countries, has production locations in 19 countries and employs more that 100,000 staff worldwide. Since the manufacture of the first Volvo truck in 1928, Volvo has evolved into the largest manufacturer of heavy trucks in Europe, characterized by innovation and reliability. Basic values now come to bear: Quality, safety and environmental conservation.

Partner Logo Contena Ochsner AG

Contena-Ochsner AG

They are just waste collection vehicles, sifting machines, crushers, roll-off tippers, skip loaders or road sweepers for most people but for Contena-Ochsner AG they are the representation of an economic concept. Contena-Ochsner AG offers an optimal solution for each operation irrespective of the type of waste segment, waste disposal area or container.

Partner Logo Swiss Cleantech


The trade association swisscleantech stands for sustainable and liberal economic policy. Its aim is to position Switzerland as a cleantech pioneer and as such to deliver its contribution to the sustainable development at an international level. Besides that the association offers valuable member services as well as supporting reference projects at home and abroad.

Partner Logo Student Impact

Student Impact

Student Impact is the business consultancy service at the University of St. Gallen, founded in 2012 with the vision of providing a contribution to social and ecological projects. It supports sustainable start-ups and small and medium size companies with business management issues. The voluntary advisors place value on top quality, innovation, creativity and passion.

Partner Logo NTB

National University for Applied Sciences Buchs (NTB)

The study program in engineering at NTB qualifies their graduates to solve complex and interdisciplinary tasks. The expertise of NTB in electric motors, batteries, vehicle dynamics, torque vectoring and new steering systems actively contribute to innovative electric-mobility solutions. Their 16t e-excavator developed together with the Federal Technical University of Zurich, (ETHZ), was awarded the Swiss and European Solar Prize 2015.

Partner Logo Huber + Suhner


The globally operating Swiss company HUBER+SUHNER develops and produces components and system solutions for the electrical and optical connectivity solutions. The products are characterized by top performance, quality, reliability and durability even under challenging external conditions.

Partner Logo Huber + Suhner


Batteriewerk is a brand belonging to Designwerk Products AG for the development, production, integration and maintenance of lithium-ion battery systems. The brand is the product of a former Designwerk joint venture. With its modular battery pack systems, Batteriewerk even makes it possible for medium-sized vehicle manufacturers to make the transition to e-mobility and realise the most challenging of projects.