Maintenance and Service

In cooperation with Volvo Trucks and the availability of a gold contract service, we are able to ensure the maximum availability of your e-truck. Preventive maintenance and services are included. This ensures you benefit from cost control and a maximum residual value.

Dienstleistung Beratung

Get closer to your goal


Whether as a logistics provider, town or community – everybody is able to co-design future mobility. Providing a clean environment, noise reduction in traffic, more energy efficiency and for the following generation. In cooperation with Designwerk, the think tank of electric-mobility and with our network we support you in a partnership collaboration. As a result we provide a sound decision-making base and accompany you to your goal.

  • Current inventory and needs analyses
  • Opportunities and risk analyses
  • Market and solution overviews
  • Energy needs and overall cost analyses
  • Facilitation of tests and insights
  • Plan and tender fundamentals
  • Monitoring of implementation
  • Training of company personnel and rescue teams
  • Transformation processes
  • Communication of results

We do not leave your success to chance


We discretely monitor your vehicle by means of applications especially designed for Futuricum. CAN and Geo information transmitted are evaluated in real time or as needed. We are then able to determine consumption and performance data of your truck and your cost savings.

  • Engine performance
  • Charging status
  • Performance auxiliary drive
  • Battery performance
  • Weight data
  • Route data
  • Movement and activity data