The demands on logistics operations are as varied as they themselves. Futuricum therefore also facilitates electrification of operation-specific structures. This makes sense especially in case of defined route profiles as in the recycling or distribution business. The electrical operation enhances efficiency of the auxiliary drive and reduces noise at the same time.

You operate completely electric fuel and refrigeration vehicles, changing/loading/tipping (WELAKI) structures as well as special structures with us as general contractor and in cooperation with manufacturers of bodywork structures. Contena-Ochsner AG is our partner and a leader in environmental and waste disposal technology in Switzerland. The cooperative offer includes solutions in recycling and waste management directly from a single source.


Battery chargers developed by Designwerk are distributed right across Europe. Flexibility and top performance make them an ideal accessory for fleet and logistics operations. Futuricum vehicles with rapid charging function allow mobility within a short period of time.

Mobile Ladelösung Juice Booster 2

Juice Booster 2

Intelligent charging cable for on-board charger

(22 kW)

Charging time: 6.5 hours

80% SoC of 170 kWh

Mobile Ladelösung 44kw


DC rapid charger (44kW)

Charging time: 3,2 hours

80% SoC of 170 kWh

Mobile Ladelösung 88kw


DC rapid charger (88kW)

Charging time: 1,6 hours

80% SoC de 170 kWh

Compact, modular & efficient


The batteries of electric vehicles are the core of a high quality overall system. These are however also the main drivers of cost and have an impact on the ecological footprint of the vehicle. As a consequence we incorporate a scalable and extra long-life battery system from our own production line.

Thanks to a sophisticated modular battery system our battery is scalable for your intended activities. The latest Futuricum standard batteries service capacities of 170 kWh, 255 kWh and 340 kWh. Our batteries are constructed from high quality battery cells in a verifiably sustainable large-scale production in the automotive industry for maximum safety and reliability. Furthermore the spare parts warranty, second-life use and final recycling are regulated and guaranteed by the use of automotive cells.

Batteriewerk Skalierbare Batterie